Arabic Grammar for elder students

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With highly experienced scholars, learn the grammatical constructs of the Arabic language and develop an in-depth understanding of how to construct sentences and the exact rules behind applying motions. Upon completion, students will have a superior mastery of the Arabic language and the ability to converse with Arabic speakers as well as gain a more thorough understanding of religious and historical texts.



Designed by our scholars, Arabic Language Grammar focuses on understanding the basic structural elements of the Arabic language from letters, words to sentences, and how structure relates to motions.

The syllabus is divided into three levels that provide a solid background in Arabic grammar.



Even those who know how to read, write and speak Arabic can struggle with the countless fine points, details and exceptions in the language. Like any language, Arabic offers a rich canvas of words, phrases, sayings and metaphors for those who can fully comprehend its depth.

Understanding this depth and the rules of the language represent a challenging task for non-native speakers. However, the rewards of greater mastery can last a lifetime. Arabic grammar lessons not only help to hone understanding of the language, but further your relationship with friends, family, colleagues and most importantly, your faith. After all, studying Arabic grammar for Quran comprehension and analysis helps you better understand each revelation delivered from Allah to the Prophet (PBUH).


Obviously, the main requirement for Arabic grammar lessons is that you must be able to read, write and speak in Arabic. If you’re fluent, you’ll be in a great position to improve on your existing skills. If you’re just partially fluent, our instructors can help you understand basic concepts in Arabic grammar for beginners before moving on to advanced linguistics and more complex sentence formation.



Singular Demonstrative Pronouns (This, That)
Masculine and Feminine
Numbers (11-100)
Types of Words (Verb, Nouns, Prepositions)
Present, Past, Future Tenses
Simple Sentence Formulation
Personal Pronouns
Location Adverbs and Directions
Dual Forms
Dual Demonstrative Pronouns
Plural Demonstrative Pronouns (e.g. they)
Interrogative Pronouns
Imperative Verbs
Verb Pronoun Composition
Word Roots
Subjective and Objective Nouns
The Kan Verb
Preferential Form
Conditional Statements
Circumstantial Clause
Advanced Preferential Forms
Passive Forms
Simplified Metaphors

If this list seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Our teaching staff and tutors have helped people learn Arabic basic grammar and also advanced grammar. Since the easiest way to learn any language (from the simple words to the complex sentence structure) is to be immersed in a fully fluent environment, you have the advantage of learning from our instructors in an atmosphere without pressure or urgency.

Our highly skilled instructors — can help you better learn Arabic grammar in different dialects that you can use to converse with the half-billion people in the world who speak Arabic as a first or second language. They can also help you contextualize what you’re learning with global events, people and trends.


Hafiz Jamil Mohammed

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