Ahkaam of Tajweed

Ahkaam of Tajweed

Reciting the Quraan with Tajweed means to pronounce every letter with all its articulative qualities such as proper prolongation, pause, nasalization, distinctiveness and phonetics along with proper rhythm and emphasis where necessary. The most important part of Tajweed is learning about correct position of the organs of speech and the manner of articulation.

The meaning of the verse / ayah can be changed if the letters are not pronounced correctly. Thus it is important to recite every letter of the Quraan properly with all of its rules and properties. This course aims to assist in understanding those ahkaam / rules and provide a streamlined way of remembering them. With the frequent use of the Tajweed, one will not only learn the ahkaam and commit them to memory, but will eventually start reciting Quraan with the correct application of those ahkaam as well.

♦ Features

Description of every hukum along with audio examples.
Localized into English and Arabic languages


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