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إن استطعت فكن عالما فإن لم تستطع فكن متعلما، وإن لم تستطع فأحبهم، وإن لم تستطع فلا تبغضهم

‘Umar ibn ‘Abdul ‘Aziz (rahimahullah) said: “[People use to say] Become a scholar if you are able to. If you are not able, then be a student. If you cannot then love them. If you are unable to do that also then [at least] do not hate them.” (Jami’u Bayanil ‘Ilmi Wa Fadlihi, Hadith: 143)


We want to make sure that to become a student is easy so we run our classes seven days a week. if you are able to recite quran with tajweed, you will have the opportunity to join quran memorisation programs we have at MAUR. You can also join any of the courses (or all of them) listed on out courses tab.

All classes are free but students are encouraged to required to show punctuality.

To join is easy, visit us or contact us using the details in our contact page.



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