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Free Quran Education

MAUR Madrasah as a charitable trust was established in 2017 with the aim of providing our students with FREE high standards of education in Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies. Our motto is nurturing through education and this is at the heart of everything we do; we believe in providing children with a great foundation upon which they will adopt beautiful manners and sound conduct.

MAUR aims to ensure its students contribute to family life and society through the pursuit of knowledge and guidance from positive role models. We aim to achieve proper student development in an encouraging learning environment. With an extensive curriculum, and a fun contest in which students thrive, as well as growing expertise in Teaching Recitation of Quran, in various styles other than Hafs From Aasim.

Students learn Tajweed and memorise Qur’an, Muqaddimah Jazariyah, Matan Shatibiyyah, Madina Arabic Course, Preparation for Ijazah in Qiraat from Shatibiyyah. MAUR stands in the vanguard of Madrasah strivings and aspirations, Social events, Football, Food and various programs for kids. Support with studying at school, course works, career advice etc.

We are an integral part of the local community and aspire to equip parents with the tools they need to understand their children’s Madrasah learning and be able to help guide them. A forward-thinking provider of Madrasah education in Southampton, MAUR embraces new opportunities to provide a robust and progressive education that will empower our next generation with the confidence and encouragement they need to succeed.

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